Frequently Asked Questions

What is TEDxHelsinkiUniversity?

TEDx is an independently organized TED conference held in Helsinki, Finland with the theme "Who are we?". The main organizers are graduate students from University of Helsinki.

How to get tickets for the event?

Tickets are sold out but you can still watch the event live through our webcast or by joining one of the streaming parties in Helsinki, Turku and Lappeenranta.

What is included in the ticket?

A ticket includes participation to the event, goodie bag, security fee and catering during the two intermissions.

And if I couldn't get a ticket on time?

There will be a few live-streaming locations in Helsinki and Turku and you can also follow the streaming from home.

How to become a partner?

We welcome sponsoring and funding offers from like-minded organizations. Please, contact us at tedx-uh(at)helsinki(dot)fi for more information.

How to stay up to date with TEDxHelsinkiUniversity?

Check updates on our website and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the hashtag #TEDxHelsinkiUniversity

How can I join the organizing team?

At the moment we are not recuiting, but keep checking this page and you might become part of the team for next year's event.